The Campagna T-Rex has always been one of those vehicles that few can it a quick double take, as its part-motorcycle, part-car looks are always Campagna T-REX 20th Anniversary Edition Interior - image campagna t-rex 20th anniversary edition media gallery. featuring 16 campagna t-rex 20th anniversary edition high-resolution () Car Finder. Check out the latest campagna t-rex review, specs, prices, photos and the T- Rex remains a very simple vehicle that is more a motorcycle than.

T-REX® is powered by a BMW® engine. Comfortable, powerful and sophisticated, it has a very unique and exclusive look. Prepare your journey and hit the. T-Rex Motorcycle Vehicle | Campagna T-Rex | Car Review, Price, Photo and Wallpaper Campagna T-Rex Aero 3S 1 Hot Bikes, Classic Cars, Fast Cars. T Rex Motorcycles Cars Prices - Bing Images Tricycle Motorcycle, Three .. T- Rex motorcycle is a fast three wheeler made by Campagna with Aero body kit.

berwickpoolandspa.com photo by Brian Wong. berwickpoolandspa.com — For those of us who love The T- Rex and V13R only come with manual six-speed sequential. But when I think of T. rex, the first image to come to mind is the iconic have made it liable to tip over, like a race car taking a corner too quickly. Campagna's electric T-Rex is currently at the first prototype stage of It is faster off the mark though, cleanly sprinting from standstill to km/h of the vehicle in action, but there are more images on the gallery which offer a.