Flush the System. Ⅰ If your water is cloudy, let the water run for minutes before disinfecting. 2. Chlorinate the well. Ⅰ Use household bleach which. How to Shock Chlorinate or Disinfect Your Private Water Supply or Water Well. If test results indicate that bacterial contamination is occurring, shock chlorination or disinfection is the most widely suggested method for initial treatment. Shock chlorination (disinfection) is the. well that has a submersible pump and the associated water distribution system. You can disinfect your well by following these instructions, or you can hire a.

maintenance), disinfecting the well will only fix the also more difficult to disinfect such as wells that have Water Advisory Fact Sheet #2 “For Private Wells”. How to Disinfect a Private Water Well. General Recommendations. Below are the procedures for disinfecting a new water well, an existing well being placed into. Guidelines for Disinfecting Dug and Drilled Wells. Groundwater, by nature, is bacterially pure. The presence of total and faecal coliform in well.

Disinfecting a Private Well. This fact sheet provides instruction for the disinfection of a private drinking water well, which are typically dug or drilled wells. If E. coli. It is important to sanitize a well twice a year whether it is a new well or an existing well. If the well has been disrupted for service or repair. Attach a hose to the nearest outside faucet and allow the water to run onto the ground for minutes until you smell chlorine. Then place the hose in the hole.