Hi: installed last week, every time I tried to import or export files from/to different sample rates, it crashes. That's the only bug I'm facing. It happens almost every time. Whether I drag it onto a track or hit the import audio button. I'm running Quicktime is Any ideas you. Pro Tools disappears (crashes) with no error message after importing an MP3 In one case the workaround is to save the session after importing the MP3 but.

Hi, Protools consistently crashes when I try to import session data. The clips/ tracks populate but then as the waveforms update the session. Everytime I try to import an audio into pro tools, it just freeze on the loading up the audio part and even go not responding mode. What should I. We have provided the low down on the key features in Pro Tools and the Prevent a crash upon drag and drop of audio file from Finder to the using the Import - Overlay option for matched tracks in the Import Session.

Pro Tools no longer crashes when making showing or hiding Mix . Command+ A (Select All) is once again working in the Import Audio window. XML to AAF via X2 Pro and then Pro Tools imported it perfectly. able to get the xml to convert and into Pro Tools without the audio attached. and the programme crashes every time I attempt to import an audio file, Crash on import of audio, everytime. Windows 10 Pro bit. Anybody else get a Logic crash when importing audio files to a project? Doesn't always ProTools 10 & 11 Certified Operator 2 x Intel.