Read on to learn more about how spironolactone treats female hair loss, how long it takes to work, and the side effects it can cause. Lab Report: Using Spironolactone and Minoxidil Could Promote Hair Regrowth for Women Woman with long hair cover her facevisualspace. I've recently started taking spironolactone for female pattern hair loss after almost a year of excessive shedding. After 2 weeks my face was completely clear of.

It is hard for me to say how long it took for Aldactone to actually work. I don't remember having that “ah ha” moment and feeling like now the. To make a long story short, today I have a full head of hair. Just returned "I've been taking spironolactone for 6 months due to hair loss from PCOS. The first 4. For women who suffer from treatment-resistant acne, spironolactone has been found to be an effective treatment. Short- and long-term use has.

Hair loss is a surprisingly common problem for women, particularly after spironolactone (Aldactone) for treatment of androgenic alopecia. Female pattern hair loss is the commonest cause of hair loss in women and prevalence .. Spironolactone is used widely to treat FPHL and hirsutism. . Significant issues with teratogenicity arise from the long biological half life ( months), and. Female pattern hair loss (FPHL), or female patterned alopecia, is a form of . in a patient with previous history of chemical treatments for many years. .. Another study using mg of oral spironolactone for 24 weeks in. Spironolactone has been used off label in the treatment of androgenetic alopecia (also known as female pattern hair loss, FPHL) for.