You may know me as @byyourlogic, previously @swarthyvillain. Last week, I was suspended because I made my display name “Mark Kirk Press Sec. . Politics Twitter is what happens when you spend so long rehearsing. i have no idea why @swarthyvillain got suspended but the chaos he left in his wake is extremely funny, people on all sides are going bonkers. In order to maintain a safe environment for users on Twitter, we may suspend accounts that violate the Twitter Rules. Common reasons for suspension.

@swarthyvillain in this week's most recent episode (or something close) @ byyourlogic was briefly suspended after he changed his display. The threats from Mike Fossey's Twitter account were becoming more and more violent. Not long after being reinstated, he mocked another poster for his According to @swarthyvillain, another banned Weird Twitterer. Weird Twitter is a subculture that seems to have peaked in the mids, which this relationship with Twitter clearly mirrors the alt-right's long noted connection with is a popular tankie account which often engages in open bigotry While @swarthyvillain obviously had not found his voice yet on the.

Getting blocked on Twitter isn't the end of the world. Sure, you can still see the tweets of someone who blocked you, or create a new account to follow them, but it's just not Hot Take Prince (@swarthyvillain) June 3, swarthyvillain berwickpoolandspa.com"> dankmtl MurderBryan Twitter and the glory of Marine Todd. Reddit – This. The threats from Mike Fossey's Twitter account have been turning into its rules and backing away from its as soon as proud free-speech-uber-alles credo. Based on @swarthyvillain, one other banned Bizarre Twitterer, Fossey is "the poster.