Learn all about badminton footwork, so that you can move quickly and efficiently Badminton is a fast game; you have little time to respond after each shot. Learn correct badminton footwork for efficient movement around the court. Effective footwork provides superb agility to the player to help you win games!. Team Singapore Badminton Athlete Derek Wong (Photo Credit: SportSG). Good badminton footwork is the reason why professionals make a game of badminton .

Badminton Footwork is the most fundamental skill that you need to possess in order to become a successful Badminton player. Information and coaching videos on the different shots used in badminton. grip, thumb grip, lunge and when they might be used in a game situation. While it's obvious that racket skills are important in badminton, many players The importance of footwork Badminton is a fast game; you have little time to re.

General Overview: The footwork techniques of Speed Badminton . 2 .. open (frontal) hitting position when playing drives or volleys. Therefore. If You're Serious About Improving Your Badminton Footwork, Then Read On Whenever you play a game, there is a certain pace you are most.