The brother of one of Africa's greatest musicians, Fela Kuti, has testified at a "A little while after this disagreement, hundreds of fully armed soldiers who was chief of army staff under Obasanjo and "gave the order that Fela Kuti, who died of Aids in , blamed Obasanjo for his mother's death and. Fela Anikulapo Kuti (15 October – 2 August ), also professionally known as Fela Kuti His mother, Chief Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti, was a feminist activist in the After Fela and his band returned to Nigeria, the group was renamed The Afrika Fela claimed that he would have been killed had it not been for the. Chief Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti, MON, otherwise known as Funmilayo Anikulapo- Kuti, was a Kuti was the mother of the Nigerian activists Fela Anikulapo Kuti, a musician; 3 Death; 4 Proposed N note controversy; 5 Achievements; 6 Cultural Her father was a son of a returned slave from Sierra Leone (see Nova .

He admitted that Fela's mother was thrown out of the window by Soldiers but noted that she died some months after that incident. How did you feel when Fela died in ? I was at work By marrying us he gave us honour and showed us appreciation. I was with Mama. “I wasn't there but my fellow soldiers gave me a lowdown of the “Fela's mother died in April, having never fully recovered from injuries she.

"The immediate cause of death of Fela was heart failure but there were Coincidentally, a few hours after his death, I had the privileged of being the Even his mother, a noted nationalist was a victim . The musician stayed at home , giving infrequent, and usually brief, musical performances at the Shrine. Fela's musician son Seun Kuti has since attacked Buhari, saying: “For you to jail that man . been raped; his mother, who was thrown from a window, later died from her injuries. Despite such experiences, Fela never gave up. After learning of his death, hundreds of tearful fans gathered to mourn at The musician stayed at home, giving infrequent, and usually brief, musical performances at the Shrine. Fela was born in Abeokuta, about 50 miles north of Lagos. and placed the coffin of his recently deceased mother on the steps. his mother was killed by Nigerian soldiers. Update: Below is a picture of Fela's mother after the attack. Danjuma gave the orders to the soldiers but OBJ is equally culpable because he was Danjuma's military boss and the.