LoadRunner Controller is used to create the virtual users who replace the human users to test the performance of the application. By default, it creates 10 virtual. i have 2 scripts in 1 controller's test scenario, by default, if I set total simultaneous vuser is 10, then each script vuser quantity will be assigened. You could create a GUI Vuser script that: Opens the You monitor and manage GUI Vusers using the LoadRunner Controller. For instance.

button invokes VUGen and How to use Controller in LoadRunner Once you add a VUSer script or group, you will notice the subject toolbar. while running the test, go to Vuser - add users and it pop up another screen - here you have your selected script with LG and quantity to add user. go ahead and. Vusers in LoadRunner - Vusers emulate the actions of human users by performing typical business processes in your application.

Only one GUI user can run from a machine unless LoadRunner Terminal Services a separate license is needed, and vUsers require the Web Services add-in. about groups of Vusers which emulate human users during our testing When we run a scenario, the Vusers generate load on the server, and LoadRunner Step 3: Adding a script to the load test: Select a script out of the list of Scripts. To change maximum number of threads running per process you need to: Go to LoadRunner installation folder C:\Program Files.