If one of your photos has a bright white dot in one or more of the eyes, you'll need white eye remover to fix it. Unfortunately, the red eye removal. That strange yellow-green flash is marring your pet's photos! Fix them now with these 3 easy steps. Fix white eyes in pictures of your furry (or sometimes fur-less) friends with Photoshop Elements. You can make them look cute again! This tutorial shows you.

On the photo, click on Edit, the third icon at the bottom has a red circle with a slash over it, that's the red-eye fix. Touch that and it will fix all red. After using the red eye removal tool, I sometimes end up with a shiny white Is there a technique for getting rid of "white eye" in one's photos?. I use Google Photos and am looking for a free Android photo editing app. Specifically to fix the red and white eye issues that GP and Snapseed.

When editing pictures, I know how to deal with "red eye" in a photo - but I notice occasions when the eyes appear like two white dots - no doubt. Here's one technique that I like to use. I'm going to illustrate it on a pet photo featuring “green eye”, but the same trick works on people with red eye, too.