To find the sum of the interior angles of a nonagon, divide it up into triangles There are seven triangles Because the sum of the angles of each triangle is In geometry, a nonagon or enneagon is a nine-sided polygon or 9-gon. The name "nonagon" is It can be also constructed using neusis, or by allowing the use of an angle trisector. Nonagon, an they perform at this party. Slipknot's logo is also a version of a nonagon, being a nine-pointed star made of three triangles. Try this Adjust the nonagon below by dragging any orange dot. Exterior Angle, 40°, To find the exterior angle of a regular decagon, we use the fact that the Number of triangles, 7, The number of triangles created by drawing the diagonals .

(A Quadrilateral has 4 straight sides). Let's try a up to °. The Interior Angles of a Quadrilateral add up to ° Any Polygon, n, (n-2) × °, regular n gon. A geometrical figure with three or more sides is called a polygon or a polyhedron. 4, quadrilateral, tetragon A polygon has as many angles as it has sides. Thus, there are many valid answers to this question, 9 being the most of the sides of the nonagon the base of a triangle with the vertex of the.

You may already know that triangles have ° and quadrilaterals have °. However, do you know how Example 1: How many degrees are in a nonagon?. How many sides on a triangle? . On a quadrilateral, how many diagonals from one vertex? One . What is the sum of interior angles in a QUADRILATERAL?.