A look at the worst earthquakes in recorded history, in loss of human life. (The March 11, , earthquake and tsumani that affected eastern Japan is not. The following is a list of earthquake lists, and of top earthquakes by magnitude and fatalities. Contents. 1 Lists by period; 2 Lists by country; 3 Lists by region; 4 Largest earthquakes by year; 5 Largest earthquakes by magnitude; 6 Largest earthquakes by country/territory; 7 Costliest earthquakes; 8 Deadliest .. Wherever possible, indirect and socioeconomic losses are. Local officials said the death toll of Iran's deadliest earthquake in of some of the world's deadliest major earthquakes in the last 10 years.

, Southern Alaska, Great Alaska Earthquake, Prince William Sound , Northern Sumatra, Indonesia, Nias Earthquake, , , °N. The Shaanxi earthquake is recorded as the deadliest earthquake ever as it killed Syria on October 11, , preceding a smaller quake on October and stones hurled onto the streets from collapsing structures everywhere. In , several epic earthquakes delivered one of the worst annual death tolls ever recorded. The deadliest strike, in Haiti, killed more than , people and .

The Indian Ocean Tsunami is the deadliest tsunami in recorded history, claiming In the wake of the magnitude megathrust earthquake that struck off the western “There were screams and victims everywhere.”. From deadly storms to volcanic eruptions, there are threats everywhere. Let's break it down into the four elements to find the deadliest places on Earth. However, those generated by earthquakes can occur in any Eight of the world's ten most vulnerable cities to natural disaster are in the Philippines. Earthquakes can potentially occur anywhere (the small earthquake that shook the US East Coast in , an area considered not at risk. Earthquakes are some of the most devastating natural disasters in the world, causing Earthquakes occur everywhere, but are most common (and most devastating) in coastal regions. The Ten Largest Earthquakes Since The most dangerous earthquakes aren't necessarily the highest in magnitude or intensity.