IRIDEX Premium EndoProbe® Handpieces. Peregrine Standard Laser Handpieces. endoprobe adjustable and 25G models. endoprobe standard angled. tip of the probe. The EndoProbe (IRIDEX Corporation) comes in 6 models: Straight, Angled, Stepped Angled,. Illuminated, Adjustable & Intuitive, and Aspiration. An ultrasonic endoprobe is specially designed for insertion in one of the natural openings of the body or for use during an open operation. The advantage of.

endoprobe (plural endoprobes). (surgery) endolaser probe quotations ▽. December 11, “Assessment of Macular Function during Vitrectomy: New. Stepped Angled. Smooth and gently tapered needle that permits insertion of angled tip through standard and valved cannulas; Patented design provides full. One ultrasonic endoprobe of this invention has a tubular member formed of a superelastic metal tube and a resin cover covering the outside surface of the.

(d) Endoprobes Endoprobes, sometimes called borescopes, are a means of seeing deep into existing fissures or specially cored holes. They are therefore not a. We attempted to investigate the diagnostic value of a transendoscopic balloon- tipped miniature ultrasonic endoprobe for small esophageal leiomyomas derived . An endoprobe for ophthalmic microsurgery for intraocular treatment of the eye and that affords a surgeon good visibility regardless of the. EndoProbe Active Aspirating Handpiece. IRIDEX. Features: Combines the utility of active aspiration and endophotocoagulation in a single device; Eliminates the .