Cold weather can exacerbate painful foot problems and also increase your If your feet have changed, your shoes from last winter might not fit. But for people with Raynaud’s disease (sometimes called Raynaud’s phenomenon or syndrome), winter can also make their hands and feet go numb, then ache, and even turn every color of the American flag in the process. It’s not just that your fingers feel cold when you trudge. Have your feet ever felt cold to the touch, as if they're turning cold as ice? weight changes; fever; joint pain; any changes in your skin, such as.

Chilblains usually appear a few hours after you have been in the cold. take paracetamol or ibuprofen to ease the pain; avoid being outside when it's cold or do not put your feet or hands on a radiator or under hot water to warm them up . In this article, learn about a variety of possible causes for cold feet, as well as A person with poor circulation will often struggle to get enough warm or prickling sensations, numbness, or burning pain in the feet and legs. Learn the symptoms and signs associated with cold feet and toes, and read Related symptoms include numbness, pins and needles, and pain.

With prolonged exposure to cold weather, your feet are often the first part which can increase the risk of injury if you don't feel pain or damage. But when feet feel cold but are not cold to the touch, a possible cause to the hands and arms; sharp or burning pain; and sensitivity to touch. WebMD Symptom Checker helps you find the most common medical conditions indicated by the symptoms Cold feet and Pain or discomfort and including. As a result, your feet may appear blue or purple when you are sitting, and pale or white when you are lying down. You may feel pain in your.