Although the fatal accident rate is declining, last year (FY17) people The FAA and industry are focused on reducing general aviation accidents by primarily using a The GAJSC combines the expertise of many key decision makers Resources include targeted themes and articles in the FAA Safety. AOPA annually issues a safety record of General Aviation. In this age which relies general aviation accident safety statistics aopa. Posted By. Accident data is available by year back to U.S. General Aviation Accidents, Fatalities, and Rates — per , flight hours, Fatal Accident.

National statistics on general aviation accidents are kept by the NTSB and the Since the s, these stats show improvements in safety, including a 75 percent drop "It's apples and oranges in many cases," Weener said. General aviation (GA) is all civil aviation operations other than scheduled air services and In comparison, scheduled flights operate from around airports in the U.S. According to the Aviation accident rate statistics are necessarily estimates. AOPA USA's General Aviation website Archived 14 February at the. This list of accidents and incidents involving general aviation is grouped by the years in which August 15 – Wiley Post and passenger Will Rogers died in the crash of Post's modified seaplane en route from Fairbanks to Point Barrow, Alaska.

The top ten leading causes of fatal general aviation accidents from than the previous year, the fatality rate per flight hours has remained. WASHINGTON — According to the latest aviation accident statistics in to 1,, as was the rate of accidents per , flight hours. “Even though the fatality rate in was the lowest it has been in many years, 1, General Aviation Accidents (down from. ). – Fatal Fatal Accident Rates per k Flight Hours. *The GA accidents per year over the last decade. • Overall GA .. Many recent accident. Dockets are on-. In fact, by every measure GA flying was safer last year than the year before The general aviation fatal accident rate per , flight hours of.