1 cup Israeli couscous (aka pearl couscous); Neutral oil like vegetable or canola; 2 cups water; Kosher salt; ½ cup each green and red bell. Tonight I was making recipe # and I needed a side dish with an oriental flair I came up with this and got great reviews from the family! (Cooking time is. As I write the title of this recipe, it sounds a little odd. It's unusual to see Israeli couscous in a dish with primarily Asian flavors. We'll call it Fusion.

Sauteed mushrooms, bell peppers with garlic, ginger, scallions and Chinese spicies. It comes out delicious, serve it Israeli couscous. 2 ¼, cups, water or broth. Scroll down for some preparation and recipe ideas. Because Israeli couscous is made from wheat flour, it is not a gluten-free food, though it is. Israeli couscous is a healthy, delicious grain that is a wonderful staple ingredient in many recipes when you know how to cook it the right way.

Get Toasted Israeli Couscous Recipe from Food Network. Cooking Channel serves up this Grilled Asian Vegetable Couscous recipe from Ching-He Huang plus many other recipes at berwickpoolandspa.com The Best Asian Couscous Recipes on Yummly | Asian Couscous With Salmon, Asian Couscous Salad, Soy Ginger Would you like any spice in the recipe?. For this particular recipe, I used garlic and anchovies and Chinese sausage (lap cheong) to give the Israeli couscous a kick in flavour, umami.