Do you often send the same email to groups of people? Discover how to manage contact lists and quickly email a group of contacts. Set up a distribution list in Yahoo Mail to send emails to a group of Click the Contacts icon at the top of the Yahoo Mail's navigation bar. Create a Contact List. Select the contacts you want to group. Click Assign Contacts. Enter your list's name in the New List field. - For example: Book Club, Family.

Solved: I created a group of contacts within my yahoo mail. I can't access this group from my iphone mail app. I downloaded the Yahoo mail. It's properly showing my Contacts in Groups, including updates that I recently made, but when I attempt to EMPLOY those groups in sending an. Yahoo! Mail's free email service provides an area to save and track Contacts. In the Contacts area, you can record email addresses, physical addresses, SMS.

FYI, Posterous has a new groups feature which they call "email lists on steroids." In many ways it could be better than Yahoo groups. It will display all the contacts you have. 2 that helps grassroots groups tackle education inequality in their communities. How to send group emails with Yahoo and GroupMail. In addition, you can export your Yahoo contacts and import to GroupMail in an instant. You can then.