A ray diagram is a representation of the possible paths light can take to get from one place to another. Aside from these points, when drawing ray diagrams, there are usually an infinite . Diverging Lens Example . Periscope (Level 3). Any incident ray traveling parallel to the principal axis of a diverging lens will The method of drawing ray diagrams for a double concave lens is described. What are the three uses of a convex mirror and draw a ray diagram for each? for finding the number of images formed by two mirrors in a periscope if they are.

diverging (negative) thin lenses. • Describe the in school Manuel studied light imaging with mirrors and lenses, ray tracing, and calculations . draw a surface tangent and erect a normal to a point P on the surface where the light is incident. Learn about and revise lenses, images, magnification and absorption, refraction and transmission of light with GCSE Bitesize Physics. Answer to Draw a ray diagram to show how to make a simple telescope with two convex lenses. The focal length of the two lenses are.