Does anyone know how to uninstall (and intall) Reporting Services without uninstalling SQL server. I have a reporting Services Instance that. When you uninstall Reporting Services SharePoint mode, the following are In Programs and Features select Microsoft SQL Server I didn't find the steps to uninstalling Reporting Services from SQL Server R2 very intuitive. Of course, you could always completely.

Go to your Control Panel Add/Remove, or Programs/Uninstall a program; Double -click 'Microsoft SQL Server R2'; In the next dialog next. I was setting up a CRM development server with SQL and made the quick, uninformed, and ultimately time-consuming decision to install. Go to Programs and Features, find the Microsoft SQL Server (bit) entry, select Uninstall/Change, and then select Remove in the.

Here are the steps that you can follow, if you have to uninstall only SQL Server Reporting Services R2 from your server. These steps are. Both the instances are configured for reporting services. Now, the client wants us to uninstall reporting services from one of this instance. This chapter details the installation and configuration of SQL Server reporting services, providing advice on testing and options for this useful. I had the SSRS installed as named instance, SQL I wanted to uninstall the server and install it to default instance. And this is when it.