How to use zealous in a sentence. Example sentences with the word zealous. zealous example sentences. How to use Zealous in a sentence: Sentence examples of Zealous, Zeal and Zealously Zealous (adjective) refers to a person who is enthusiastic or passionate. Definition of Zealous. feeling or showing strong and energetic support for a person, cause, etc. Examples of Zealous in a sentence. Because my husband is a.

Here are 92 fantastic examples of sentences and phrases with the word "zealous ". 63+4 sentence examples: 1. He is ticketed as a zealous reformer. 2. The shop assistant is very zealous. 3. She was most zealous in performing. zealous in a sentence - Use "zealous" in a sentence 1. Of the three, Bell Atlantic has been the most zealous. 2. Ombudsmen are confidential and zealous about.

zealously in a sentence - Use "zealously" in a sentence 1. Jurors'names and pictures have been zealously guarded by Ito. 2. It relies on the police to protect law. Zealous definition is - marked by fervent partisanship for a person, a cause, or an ideal How to use zealous in a sentence. zealous vs. jealous. Learn how to use zealous in a sentence by viewing numerous example sentences for zealous, along with the definition of zealous, synonyms, antonyms and. Zealous definition: Someone who is zealous spends a lot of time or energy in supporting something that they. Example sentences containing 'zealous' And best of all it's ad free, so sign up now and start using at home or in the classroom.