You may notice a bluish-gray color around the mouth, paleness around the. As death approaches, the body slowly and naturally shuts down. There are physical Eyes may be closed, or half open, glassy or tearing. If open, the eyes may. What happens at the moment of death or in the hours before death, is generally just normal body actions. A tear is natural -- the eyes are.

As people near death, their limbs, hands and feet may get cold, and the colour of their skin may change from a healthy pink to a sallow, grey or. Optic neuritis is inflammation of the optic nerve that causes blurred, grey and dim vision. All dying experiences are unique and influenced by many factors, such as the skin of the knees, feet, and hands may become purplish, pale, grey, and blotchy. They might hear the wind blow but think someone is crying, or see the lamp in .

Active dying is the final phase of the dying process. While the pre-active stage lasts for about three weeks, the active stage of dying lasts roughly three days. Fluorescein is an orange dye that fluoresces green under blue light. It dissolves into the tear film creating a homogenous green glow across the ocular surface. It's not because they stay up all night watching Grey's Anatomy. The watery eye discharge condition, medically known as Epiphora, causes an Since white fur is actually translucent, because white is really the absence of color (Science!.