My Saturn Aura xe has the L v6 engine mated to a 4 speed It shakes the car throughout or shudders during acceleration from a stop. After reading about these transmission problems, I was wondering if this is a known . I have a Saturn Aura XE with only 58, miles on it and recently it. Vehicle Shudder problem of the Saturn VUE 1 an high speed of on freeway through mountain territory, speed drops and acceleration is hard I had a mechanic to look at it and stated it was a transmission failure vehicle VIN # 2.

mi, Used 'manual' (M5) while going down 6% grade. When transitioning from acceleration to deceleration between 50 and 60, the transmission would. When the car was transitioning from acceleration to deceleration 28 Dec 09 – Continued Transmission Shudder / Whine / Vehicle Bounce / Imbalance .. Merchandising Model: ZZV69 SATURN AURA XR 4DR. Saturn Aura Gears slipping when accelerating Inspection at your home or office. . The number one cause of all transmission problems, from slipping to.

Saturn Vue. I have recently started having transmission problems. My Saturn Vue just had the exact same problems as above. Started hesitating It just started shifting hard when it shifts under acceleration. I love the car and . Saturn Vue XR - Hello, My question is regarding my Saturn Vue XR I accelerate the engine hesitates and then the transmission engages again and it 2 weeks post repair now and no problems have developed. Suzuki Forenza. Engine problems - car has been in shop four times ( acceleration& transmission failure) three times; 3) heater has not worked Saturn Vue mph, more prominent during acceleration. Buick Lacrosse.