I was editing a block in the block edit screen and it wouldnt save the block. the drawing it is still in the block edit screen and I cant get out of it. I used Autocad's block editor often and would like to do the same in DrafSight. When I double click on the block the screen changes and it. Now i'm stuck in de block editor and can't go back to the drawing. We work with autocad and sometimes after I edited an dynamic block and hit the You should also be able to exit the block editor with the "Close.

When using the Block Editor the dwg locks up! You can no In AutoCAD ( without the hotfix) there's a problem with the block editor. AutoCAD: A Top Secret Command for Editing Your Blocks If the displayed block is correct, click okay to exit the dialog box. You will be asked. In AutoCAD you can modify the appearance of individual instances of the same block by defining parameters and actions to move, rotate, flip, or align parts .

Yes - and it isn't very clear how you actually close the block editor. didn't have the tool pallet, it was a big mystery how to exit the block editor. I'm inserting Autocad Design Center (ADC) into my design. I select the block and take the right click mouse over the block then I pick the "Edit.