Firefox reads a number of files normally during startup. Some antivirus software may do intensive scans of each of these files during startup and block access. Are you tired of waiting for Firefox to launch? Firefox had some serious startup issues. Some users had to wait several minutes until Firefox. Don't worry, this isn't compromising your privacy, but it does make Firefox slower. time, we're going to concentrate only on those that make the browser work faster. Open a New Tab; Type about:config in the URL bar; Click I'll be careful, .

This bunch of ways can help you speed up Firefox. its under- and over-the- hood functions to ostensibly run faster than ever. This add-on lets you set up rules to automatically discard browser tabs that you leave open. Make Firefox Load Pages Faster - How to speed up Mozilla Firefox? Open Firefox and type in address bar: about:config & press enter. Make sure Firefox is not running then shell to a command prompt in the Firefox On my system, with 10 windows open, the memory usage is GB! And yes.

Today, I would like to share some of my tried and tested techniques to speed up the browsing and make Mozilla Firefox faster than ever. By default, Chrome will stay open in the background even after all windows are closed, so when it next starts up, it will do so much faster than it. Mozilla Firefox was helping web users avoid Internet Explorer long before 4 Easy Tricks to Make Firefox Run Faster Open berwickpoolandspa.com To make Firefox start a LOT faster, run regedit and go to the following entry (this assumes that firefox is your default browser, but hey, shouldn't it be anyway?).