Ensure your ratios are % accurate with Boost Juice water methanol injection fluid from Snow Performance!. The Snow Performance Water-Methanol injection system is capable of . To get an idea of how different fluid concentrations effect diesel engines let's look at. How does water/methanol injection increase horsepower output? When water changes state from a liquid to a gas, it absorbs heat. Most of the time when someone thinks they have experienced "diesel knock," it is actually quench they are.

Unfortunately the use of pure water injection is all to often over looked as an option, as many believe they must have some percentage of methanol in the mix in. Jul 22, When you inject water and methanol into the intake stream, you cool the air as the liquids evaporate. When you get into the combustion. Jun 21, I see that there is some blue windshield washer fluid at gas stations rated at C and others. Just wondering if we could have a list of Brands.

Jan 12, So, depending on the time of the year, who processed the oil and where it was Water/methanol injection is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. The most common issue that we at Diesel Army have seen is rust. As the. Apr 6, The LSX Dr. recommends a 50/50 mixture of Methanol and Water. There are several inexpensive ways to make your own fluid. Windshield.