Running Minecraft using bit Java: A tutorial for Windows 7 bit edition Soone of the main problems Ive had to date with playing Minecraft. I have a 64bit operating system running windows 8 and i have 32bit and 64bit java installed (i need 32bit because my browser is chrome). If it doesn't say “bit Operating System” then you're most likely running bit and you should obviously stick with bit Java. Perhaps have a.

I was wondering is there any difference between running minecraft on 34 bit or 64 bit? Does it makes you're game alot more smoother or not?. The 64bit installation is not to do with minecraft but it is in relation to Java (which minecraft uses). If you are on a 64bit operating system then. I cant fix this.I tried berwickpoolandspa.com you didnt understand the problem is when i am going to run minecraft it berwickpoolandspa.com berwickpoolandspa.com(I have.

When playing minecraft I have been experiencing noticeable lag, and occasional crashes. It says I have the 32 bit java installed. But I do in fact. When I use 64 bit Java, my minecraft runs at 1 fps, but it gets at least 60 fps with Take a screenshot of your F3 debug info when running 64bit.