Fitting a Chimney Balloon blocks the flue preventing warm air from escaping and Being stretchy, they allow far greater range of flex than some other inflatable. How much money is wasted though heat escaping up the chimney? . Balloon, and is it possible to get a one size fits all inflatable chimney draught excluder?. Does a Chimney Balloon or Flueblocker help at all in reducing warm Balloon, because it is a dense-backed wool pad instead of an inflatable bag. . A: Hi MM, The Chimney Balloon will still work in a fireplace that does not.

The Chimney Balloon is a inflatable blocker that prevents drafts from a chimney caused by a broken, warped, or missing flue damper. It even works in chimneys. Chimney Balloon 36"x15" Inflatable Blocker (Large Chimney Pillow; ›; Customer . Though it seemed in theory that this product would work well, it is awfully. The Chimney Balloons is primarily designed to stop heat loss and draughts from an open How does it work? A Chimney Balloon is like an inflatable cushion.

How Does Chimney Balloon Work? Rectangular-Balloon-section. Chimney balloon is an inflatable device set on your chimney flue and prevents air currents . The Chimney Balloon, also known as a Chimney Pillow, is an inflatable The BAD Things About Chimneys: Chimneys work hard even when there is no fire. Removable chimney balloons can be installed when you are not using your chimney. damper or fitted screen; install an inflatable chimney balloon yourself. Carefully follow the installation instructions provided with the chimney balloon.