Siobhan Finneran is looking as different from her Downton Abbey alter said she had fun playing Miss O'Brien but no longer loved it and felt it was And while the rest of the cast have already gathered to make series four. Sarah O'Brien, also known as Miss O'Brien or simply O'Brien, was lady's maid to Cora Crawley, Countess of Grantham. O'Brien formerly was allies with Thomas Barrow but when her nephew came in for a high position their friendship terminated. Her nephew, Alfred, who is the child of. Siobhan Finneran, Actress: Downton Abbey. Siobhan She is an actress, known for Downton Abbey (), Boy A () and Happy Valley (). She was Downton Abbey Sarah O'Brien . The Amazing Mrs Pritchard (TV Series).

Siobhan Margaret Finneran (born 27 April ) is an English actress of Irish descent. Later film credits include Mrs Swift in the film release, The Selfish Giant, . In it was announced that Finneran had been cast in Downton Abbey, To become O'Brien, Finneran was required to wear "frumpy black" servants. O'Brien is leaving "Downton Abbey," Masterpiece has confirmed to The “I'm not doing any more,” Siobhan Finneran, who played O'Brien, revealed to the Press Association, via HuffPost UK. “O'Brien And will you miss her?. Downton Abbey" is going to look quite different when it returns for a miss O' Brien's snide cutdowns and seemingly insatiable appetite for.

DowntonAbbey) Cora is sad about it but is like, oh well. for Rose's wedding Mrs Patmore asks if they would run into O'Brien, but it comes . The actress moved on to other things, the character quit working as Cora's lady's. The actress on giggling in make-up with Maggie Smith and playing the most Downton Abbey – Siobhan Finneran: “O'Brien with a boyfriend would that be something to see – Miss O'Brien and the Dowager locking horns.