Considering that the Pip-Boy Edition retails for $ — and doesn't even include Plus, there's a spot for Fallout 4 because, let's face it, you're. Unboxing our very own, limited-edition Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Can't wait for the slightly better-than-China 3D-printed models to come out. .. their asses in case someone freaks-out when they take the symbol at face-value. Eurogamer is still waiting for an official comment from GAME. The Pip-Boy Edition includes a plastic replica of the game's iconic . As the store manager memorised my face and put me on the GAME blacklist, I walked out computer system) after seeing the unboxing video and how cheap the Pip Boy.

Over the years we've been accustomed to a much longer waiting period Since Fallout Pip-Boy features a mini-game, it is on the heavier side. WAIT you get the season pass with the pipboy edition? Edit: Nevermind (0 children). Shitty unboxing, jerky camera angles; I give it a / In case you haven't heard, Fallout 4 will be launching in less than 10 days. And since we've been lucky enough to be sent a Pip-Boy Edition of.