The Shimano Stradic series reel is part of the Shimano metal series of spinning reels. The Shimano Stradic reel has a maintenance port, which allows easy accessibility to the reel's main gears, making the lubrication process simple. Remove any fishing line on the reel, as. However, if not maintained properly with correct lubricants your reel will begin to under perform which will definitely result in a frustrated angler. The best way to. Just a few drops of Bantam oil makes my older Stradic's and CI4+'s feel like new after two or three hard days on the water and I can hit them.

Anyone have any tips/hints (do's and don't) for servicing a stradic. I started It is very easy to clean as far as a yearly oil and greasing. Actually. Hey all, So I just received my new Stradic Ci4 from over seas as As for grease I add more to my reels gear case as most Shimano. Service is based on a Stradic F and this is how most mid/lower end I like a tiny flim of drag grease to it it smooth but running it dry is not a.

Lubricants: Shimano® Bantam™ Oil (BNT). Cleaners: Cotton Swabs, Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol, Tooth Brush, Paper Towels or Rags. Schematics: All . shimano reel oiling Reels. im using a stradic CI4 , and havent used the oil once ..i will do it NOW!!!, how much do i put in???.