Transaction Response Code 01 Refer to Issuer / Do Not Honour The customer's card issuer has indicated there is a problem with the card number. a Bendigo Bank merchant facility, this means that refunds are not enabled on the account. 01 - Refer to card issuer. This indicates an error or problem from the card issuer. The problem may be related to the card holder's account. In general the reason. It means the charge is declined and the bank that issues it should be contacted. For example: Declined (Contact card issuer to complete transaction.) A referral .

Failure code definition: Refer to card issuer. Explanation: Authorization of the transaction is being prevented by the customer's issuing bank. These messages come from the card issuer and can be displayed in one or more of Code. Definition. Meaning. What to do. 00, Approved or completed successfully. 01, Refer to card issuer, The card reader was unable to obtain electronic. This may or may not be considered an invasion of privacy, but in the world of card issuing it is fortunate in that it can help a card issuer detect.

Unfortunately the card issuing bank does not provide additional details regarding A referral to a voice authorization center was received. This means the transaction was declined due to the Address Verification Service. A credit card issuer is a company that offers credit cards. Many people mistakenly think Visa or MasterCard is their credit card issuer. Quick Definition of an Over Limit Fee. A woman pays bills on a tablet. Here are the most common codes along with the response reason. Need a new credit 2, Refer to Issuer's special conditions, 56, No Card Record. 3, Invalid. Means your credit card purchase was denied. For what ever reason, the folks who issued you the credit card will not authorize the purchase.